04/2021 Proceedings

Langmeyer, Ines | Gronau, Norbert | Schmid-Walz, Sabrina | Kotarski, David | Reimann, Daniela | Teichmann, Malte

From employee to expert - Towards a Corona-sensitive approach for data collection


In the context of the collaborative project Ageing-appropriate, process-oriented and interactive further training in SME (API-KMU), innovative solutions for the challenges of demographic change and digitalisation are being developed for SMEs. To this end, an approach to age-appropriate training will be designed with the help of AR technology. In times of the corona pandemic, a special research design is necessary for the initial survey of the current state in the companies, which will be systematically elaborated in this paper. The results of the previous methodological considerations illustrate the necessity of a mix of methods to generate a deeper insight into the work processes. Video-based retrospective interviews seem to be a suitable instrument to adequately capture the employees' interpretative perspectives on their work activities. In conclusion, the paper identifies specific challenges, such as creating acceptance among employees, open questions, e.g., how a transfer or generalization of the results can succeed, and hypotheses that will have to be tested in the further course of the research process.

Category Proceedings
Authors Langmeyer, Ines; Gronau, Norbert; Schmid-Walz, Sabrina; Kotarski, David; Reimann, Daniela; Teichmann, Malte
Place of publication Crossing Boundaries 2021 Muttenz and Bern online
Date 04/2021
Conference Title Crossing Boundaries