06/2020 Journal contributions

Vladova, Gergana | Heuts, Alexander | Teichmann, Malte

At the Service of the Employee. Further Training and Qualification as a Personal Service


The further training and qualification of employees are central success factors of digital change. The central challenge is to offer these customized services and not to presuppose acceptance, but rather to regard it as a target value. However, this will only happen if the employees are seen as partners and their needs and understanding are taken into account in the long term. Against this background, this article proposes an approach to realize further education as a personal service. For this purpose, a brief outline of the basic competence requirements of digital change is given first. Afterwards, the current situation of in-company continuing training in the digital transformation will be examined. A quantitative survey was conducted over a period of six months to determine how employees perceive the digital transformation of their company and the resulting needs for continuing vocational training. Based on this, three current paradoxes are derived, which can be prevented by conducting continuing education as personal service. Recommendations and solutions will be discussed and further research is needed.

Category Journal contributions
Authors Vladova, Gergana; Heuts, Alexander; Teichmann, Malte
Date 06/2020
Volume 56
Publisher Springer
DOI 10.1365/s40702-020-00626-7
Keywords Digital transformation, Competence development, Industry 4.0, Personalization, Personal service
ISSN 1436-3011