Project Description:

Aim of the cooperation project between the faculty and the Ministry of the Interior Brandenburg as well as the NBB Netzgesellschaft Berlin-Brandenburg mbH & Co. KG and the state fire department of West Pomerania is to better spread and use knowledge about protecting critical infrastructures by cross-linking players.


Security-related administrative organisations and operators of critical infrastructures usually only interact on the level that is prescribed by law. To assure a long-term sustainable protection for critical infrastructure, administrations and operators of infrastructures need to increase their cooperation. In practice, administrations already enhance cooperation through intensifying professional exchange by implementing information events and consulting services. Still, it does not meet the high standards to assure the protection for critical infrastructures due to only selective meetings being held.

It is more important to build up a network which ensures an unrestricted exchange of people in charge, independent from time and place. Therefore, it is necessary to create a platform for public authorities and operators of critical infrastructures that allows an intensive but uncomplicated professional exchange.


Within the context of lacking interconnectedness between actors, interdependencies among critical infrastructures can currently not be estimated. Methods comparable to the cross-impact-analysis are not available at the moment. This is especially true for working across country borders. Methods similar to the cross-impact-analysis exist in some scientific disciplines and will be used and adapted to the field of critical infrastructures during the research project. This method is supposed to be presented electronically in order to create interdependency models for certain constellations of actors. The implementation through an online portal allows shared editing of the steps in order to allow actors to analyse dependencies themselves.

Online Portal

In an online portal the essential cross-linkage as well as interdependencies can be displayed. An online portal supports a continuous dialogue between operators of critical infrastructures, administrations, science, security management and further organisations. Actors are put in a situation where they are sensitised for existing interdependencies and as a result to strengthen their own level of protection by matching it to a holistic protection concept.


Heidt, Manuel (Ministry of the Interior Brandenburg)

Röchert-Voigt, Tanja
Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin

Weber, Edzard
Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter

Stein, Moreen
Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin

Proske, Niels

With financial support from European Commission
– Directorate-General Environment -

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